How Long Should Your Blogs Be?

Ideally, how long will it take for a blog post to be at least less likely to be ranked high on Google? What is the optimal text length for your blog article? Exactly how many words do you need to write for successful SEO-optimized content on your website? Let's check.

Even if you are looking to answer one of the most pressing questions of all professional bloggers, how long should a perfect blog post be? We hope you don't expect a simple one-word answer. Write a 1000 word post, and you are safe. Not any of that Online Magazine and News Website. In recent years, blogging has become a complex industry in which message length is only a small part of the picture. To make it work, you have to combine all of these smaller or larger segments, and as a result, we all want to have important and relevant content that brings us organic traffic.

Even after the digital advancement in the world, the dissemination of information through the World Wide Web has become somewhat urgent. A number still prefers to read the magazine to get it right. However, hard copies of the magazine have been taken over by electronic magazines. If you are a publisher, you understand that putting every piece of news (magazine) on one page is not a child's play. Also, even if you manage to handle it, your page is more likely to be cluttered.

After having been blogging for over two years, we have over 500 posts on our website, and to be honest, we initially had no idea what we were doing. A successful blogger (whatever the term means) involved in digital marketing and analysis is what we consider most important on the path to a never-ending and continuous self-education process. Once you have the inspiration to create content that engages your readers, we believe anything can happen. Finally, after several months of writing a blog post about our trip, we realized that excitement is not everything, and we started looking for information that would help us get more traffic.

It is essential to say that even the best content professionals have no sure answer on how long a blog post should last. Like other providers, Google frequently changes its algorithms, and when you write multiple words and use too many keywords, you can't say you're fifth. Not at all. But you can follow all the relevant advice, and it gives you a reasonable chance to succeed with your post. In this blog post, we want to share our thoughts on how long a blog post should be in 2021.

This article is probably not for you if you are looking for relevant data or accurate numbers based on years of statistics. We must say that we like to combine the knowledge and common sense acquired in the process. As already stated, before you start counting words, you need to consider the topic you want to write about. It is impossible to write all the posts with the same length just because it is suitable for Google. Some cases are more complicated, but others are easy to explain. Sometimes it also depends on what you feel about it.

It would help you if you also found out what interests other people. Here social media marketing comes in handy. Otherwise, you could end up on a blog that doesn't attract many people. For example, you might think that a blog about how beautiful your dog is is fascinating, but will it attract many people? On the other hand, a blog about caring for and training dogs attracts a much larger audience. You must show your interest and find a way to make it universal. Think about how you were initially interested in this topic. How did you gain experience with this topic? Think about all the questions and misunderstandings you had when you started and what helped you gain experience.

How you write a post depends on the author, but it is always good to know which articles you are competing with. There are more articles on the topic you want to write as a general rule. Items should be a) longer and b) more detailed. Useful is a personal experience. Content is a king, without a doubt. As a result, I don't write about places or things I've never been to, and I don't accept guest posts.

We are not saying that you can write whatever is on your mind with less competition or that the post should not be of high quality. Quality, of course, is another significant thing that goes hand in hand with the length of the message. It is also proper to know that the competition is increasing every year. Blogging is popular nowadays because of the misconception that it is easy to earn money; average article length is increasing. Professional bloggers need to spend more time sitting at their desks. A few years ago, an average post had about 850 words, and today it is 1000 - 1200 words.

Although the statistically ideal blog post length is not the best site, it is meant to provide the best readability for visitors to your site while still having enough content for Google to recognize you as the relevant website is 2,450 words. An SEO consultant's work becomes entirely appropriate with the correct terms. Quality is a highly subjective subject. You want to write a quality content for your readers, but you also want Google to understand that your post is relevant, hence it should be 8obvious that you are someone who knows a lot. The very idea is that you should give Google a little time to crawl your site, the longer, the better. Now you only need to write a message.

When it comes to quality, it's also about your ability to write engaging content. The beauty is that this is not the only way to do this. When we write mainly travel items, we report the kind of posts we want to read when looking for information about our future goals. Some people have a good command of words or about every feeling; they find it more natural to write poetically about every tree they see along the way, which is perfectly normal. You have to be more scrutinizing with the help you render toward other people.

Sometimes short posts are better than long posts because they have all the information a reader needs. The length of the article also depends on the focus of your blog. If you write a daily blog post commenting on the current situation, you will be perfect with a 500-word article. If you are thinking of writing a blog post that should be the cornerstone of your blog, then it needs more care and ideally should be longer. Simply put, it is always best to get the best score possible unless you enjoy writing to write and write 1500 words where you have more than 5000 words to say. You need to realize and separate that a large amount of content posted every day is not written by professional bloggers who make a living from it.

If you focus only on bloggers who are blogging like a legitimate business, you'll see that their posts are quite long, about 2,500 words. Of course, you may find high-ranked articles just because your blog has high domain permissions, with the exception. When talking about how many words to write for best results, one cannot avoid keywords entirely. It is imperative to utilize the appropriate keywords you want to rank. We must admit that while making a living on this blog, we don't overthink the process of using the best keywords for SEO. We do not use programs, search on Google, think about what we are looking for, find information on the internet, find out what the keywords are (both long and long), and write a message. There are several variations to include these words.

Rule number one is not to overuse these words or to sound like computer words. If you write about working together at home, even if you have used this sentence thousands of times in your post and artificially expanded it, this is not the best way to get results. Make sure you don't overuse keywords, use them when appropriate, and play with your content's purpose, headlines; make sure your posts are relevant, and don't forget to include affiliate links.

We can read many times that no one wants to read long articles. So, why should you try to write long, in-depth articles? We told you we wouldn't share the same magic number with you because it's different for different types of businesses, but now you realize that this post is always better if it exists. Truth be told, we don't think people like to read long articles. Of course, they don't always have time for an article that takes more than ten minutes to read. But on the other side, several tools can help you save a post these days, and we think that if the reader finds the content attractive, they will return it later.

Also, people like to scan text instead of reading it word for word. If text only takes a few seconds to scan, we have no reason to go back as it most likely has nothing to say. Unfortunately, you are writing for more than just your community of readers, as the percentage of readers who return to your blog regularly is much less than the number of readers looking for a particular topic (at least in our case).

You also write for bots and computers that use a sophisticated mechanism to rate your post and decide if it's relevant, up-to-date, and long enough to provide readers with what they're looking for for a specific keyword. Yes, you can read that a blog post should be at least 300 words long, but that is HUGE evident 'but.'

It may be appropriate for readers to find such a short, concise post, but the fact is that no one will see it organically because the algorithm is for long posts, at least 1000, but ideally from 2500. More words are pro, theme. If you are writing a lengthy article that will not stop your potential audience from reading it, make sure you follow some rules. Keep the design clean and use titles that visually separate the text. Also, try to use short and clear sentences.

It is one of the most crucial problems bloggers face because they can write very long sentences. Fortunately, editors make the necessary corrections before he hits the publish button. Finally, what can affect your planned post's length is the type of blog you have, the topic you write about, how often you post, what your domain authority is, and the number of posts. A blog that you already have on your website.

We have mentioned before that sometimes the most popular blogs do not have to write anything extraordinary. It is merely that their website has the necessary authority, and algorithms automatically assume that the post is of good quality. There is nothing wrong with this, they took a lot of work to be in their current position, but this is something you should consider. When we talk about how long a successful post should be, it goes through your hands with the time you write it.

The longer the article you want to write, the longer it will complete it. Of course, a little practice will help, but you can expect it to take about an hour to write 300-500 words. When it's on fire, you may be able to do it 800-1000 times an hour, but that's when someone is familiar with the subject and feels very comfortable.

If the recommended blog post length is about 2500 words, it will take more than 5 hours to write it. It's not an easy task, but after reading this post, indeed, everyone agrees to benefit from the long post.

Hopefully, you found this article useful. All your feedback, thoughts, comments, and ideas are dearly appreciated.